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Quickly analyze Single Family Residential (SFR) investment properties
and understand potential returns based on your investment strategy.

  • Evaluate profits
  • See monthly and annual cash flows
  • Analyze return on investment
  • Prepare for unexpected expenses

Data-driven SFR investment property analysis and valuation

Institutional investors apply data-driven scientific analysis and valuation techniques when making real estate investment decisions. These techniques are the foundation of the SFR investment property and valuation model. Using institutional investment knowledge you can create customized investment strategies based on forward looking projections.



Easily recognize the impact of alternative investment strategies.



Quickly understand how acquisition costs, operating costs, leverage, renovation costs, and timing impact your returns.



Clearly see your operating results projected into the future

SFR investment property model

Our fully dynamic institutional grade financial model shows the impact of the following metrics based on the timeframe you determine:

  • Internal Rate of Return
  • Equity Multiples
  • Cash-on-Cash Returns
  • Annual Cash Flows
  • Capitalization Rates
  • Renovation Costs and Scheduling
  • Refinancing
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Depreciation Recapture Rate
  • Stabilized Year-1 Proforma
  • Cash Flow before and after Debt Service
  • Net Income before and after Taxes

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Take control of your investment decision process. Buy the SFR Investment Property Valuation model once and use it on as many deals as you like.

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SFR Investment Analysis & Valuation Model – Demo



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SFR Investment Analysis & Valuation Model


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